Dave Warwick’s “Big Slice Juicy IPA” And The Best Three Notch’d Prices In Charlottesville, Virginia!

by Jerry Miller, Publisher

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Hey guys, it’s Jerry Miller, I’m inside I Love CVille on Market Street on The Historic Downtown Mall. I’m gonna take 60-seconds to highlight a local brewmaster that’s really making an impact! His name is Dave Warwick. He’s the Brewmaster at Three Notch’d Brewing Company. Dave has a ton of great beers, guys, three of them are in my top seven right now!

The Minute Man is my favorite beer right now from Dave Warwick. The Ghost and the 40 Mile IPA, all in my top seven!

I had a limited release Dave Warwick [beer] over the weekend that I want to talk about. It’s called the Big Slice Juicy IPA. It reminds me of the New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze. High ABV, about 7.8%, fantastic beer!

I got it in a 24-pack at Costco. Right now, Costco has the best beer prices for Three Notch’d – 24 beers: 6-pack of 40 Mile, 6-pack of Ghost, 6-pack of Minute Man and 6-pack of this Big Slice Juicy IPA for $29.99!

Dave Warwick, I see you making moves, Baby!


I could not find the “Big Slice Juicy IPA” on the Untappd app. It’s very limited release, I suppose. If you have an opportunity to drink this beer, please do so. It’s bangin.

The 24-pack of IPAs for $29.99 is the best price I’ve seen in Charlottesville, Virginia for Three Notch’d Brewing Company beers. This price point beats Wegman’s, which has a fabulous craft offering.

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Jerry Miller, Publisher

Jerry Miller is the president of VMV Brands and the publisher of Scoutology.com and I Love CVille, which are all head-quartered on The Historic Charlottesville Downtown Mall. Jerry is passionate about the #ShopLocal movement and supporting local merchants, restaurants, breweries and wineries. Get to know Jerry at JerryMillerNow.com.