Meet Ryan Hubbard, The Owner Of The Dinsmore House Inn, Farm Bell Kitchen And Red Hub Food Co.


Hey, it’s Jerry Miller. I’m inside I Love CVille on the historic Charlottesville Downtown Mall. Today, on Miller’s Minute, I’m going to take 60 seconds to spotlight an entrepreneur that’s making a positive impact in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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We are going to spotlight an entrepreneur that’s making a positive impact. His name is Ryan Hubbard. He’s the owner behind The Dinsmore House Inn, Farm Bell Kitchen and Red Hub Food Co. All his businesses are centrally located right on and off West Main Street.

The Dinsmore House Inn has withstood the test of time in the competitive hotel category. Ryan has recently opened a restaurant called Farm Bell Kitchen that you must try! And, of course, Red Hub Food Co. down 10th St. Great BBQ food at affordable prices.

Ryan Hubbard is creating jobs and making a positive impact on Charlottesville. And for that reason, Ryan, we are spotlighting you today on Miller’s Minute by Greenberry’s Coffee Co.

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