Spotlight On Matty Hart And The Local Restaurant And Catering In Charlotteville, Virginia!


Executive Chef Matty Hart could probably be a comedian in another life. Dude is HOOlarious!!

Matty, the chef behind The Local Restaurant and Catering, offers perspective into what makes The Local one of THE BEST restaurants in CVille. Matty’s menu is consistently delicious and it’s always priced fairly.

I think Matty and Adam Frazier, the owner of The Local and Junction, have done a tremendous job creating an approachable menu and ambiance for this fantastic neighborhood restaurant.

Seriously, if my wife says The Local is her favorite restaurant in Charlottesville, then that goes a long way with me because she’s occasionally difficult to please. (Honey, I said, “occasionally.” I know you’re reading this. “Occasionally” is not every day, babe!).

I suggest you give Adam and Matty’s restaurant a whirl to see what we’re talking about.

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