13 Mexican Food Options In Charlottesville!


1. The Bebedero


313 2nd St SE, Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
Website | Facebook | Photo: The Bebedero

The Bebedero has a great selection of unique dishes, like their Cactus Salad, Huevos Ahogados and their Del Mar Stew. The Nachos are a great way to start your meal.

2. Guadalajara


2206 Fontaine Ave, Charlottesville, VA 22903 | 806 E Market St, Charlottesville, VA 22902
395 Greenbrier Dr, Charlottesville, VA 22901 | 1344 Richmond Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22911
108 Town Country Line, Charlottesville, VA 22911
Website | Facebook | Photo: FB

The Special Yucatan at Guadalajara is one Tender slice of grilled steak, grilled chicken breast in strips, lemon-peppered shrimp & chorizo, served with tortillas, a small serving of fried beans and your choice of guacamole salad or steamed vegetables.



221 Carlton Ave # 12, Charlottesville, VA 22902
Website | Facebook | Photo: FB

The Fajitas Taco Salad at Aqui es Mexico the perfect light meal, featuring chicken or beef served in a tortilla shell with lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, beans, rice, fresh cheese, guacamole and Mexican sour cream.

4. El Puerto


2045 Barracks Rd, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
Website | Facebook | Photo: Yelp

This Fajita Quesadilla comes with Fajita-style beef or chicken in a grilled flour tortilla with bell peppers, tomatoes and onions, served with rice, lettuce, guacamole and sour cream.

5. Plaza Azteca


101 Seminole Ct, Charlottesville, Virginia 22901
Facebook | Twitter | Photo: FB

Start your meal off at Plaza Azteca with their Fresh Table Side Guacamole, made just for you.

6. La Joya

La Joya

1145 5th St SW, Charlottesville, VA 22902
Photo: Yelp

The Chipotle Burrito at La Joya is a hot burrito smothered in chipotle sauce, with rice and beans.

7. El Jaripeo


1750 Timberwood Blvd, Charlottesville, Virginia 22911
Facebook | Photo: Yelp

Try the Super Sopes for lunch at El Jaripeo. Two fresh corn tortillas , one with steak and one with grilled chicken, served with beans, lettuce and pico de gallo.

8. La Michoacana


1138 E High St, Charlottesville, VA 22902
Facebook | Photo: Yelp

The tacos at La Michoacana are incredible, and they come with your choice of a wide selection of meats.

9. Brazos Tacos


925 2nd St SE, Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: FB

Brazos Tacos has over thirty tacos on the menu and they encourage you to invent your own.

10. Al Carbon Chicken

Al Carbon

1871 Seminole Trl, Charlottesville, Virginia 22901
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: FB

Besides their awesome Cemitas, these great Al Carbon Flautas come are thin corn tortillas filled with chicken and topped with lettuce, salsa, sour cream, cotija cheese and slice tomatoes. Avocado is extra.

11. Junction

421 Monticello Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22902
Website | Facebook | Photo: Junction Website

Choose from a variety of taco fillings at Junction, like Smoked Brisket, Grilled Grade A Tuna, Roasted Vegetable, or their famous House Made Chorizo & Timbercreek Organics Chicken.

12. Cinema Taco


110 E Main St, Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
Facebook | Twitter | Photo: FB

Thursdays are Tamale Days at Cinema Taco. Be sure to get yours while they last.


13. Continental Divide


811 W Main St, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
Website | Facebook | Photo: Yelp

These Spinach and Mushroom Enchiladas feature smoked gouda, creamed spinach and portabellas rolled in corn tortillas, smothered in chipotle sauce and jack cheese, topped with lettuce, tomatoes and corn salsa, and served with rice & beans.

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