ACAC Racquetball Pro Bruce Pierce Squeaks By Jerry Miller In The Charlottesville Racquetball Championship 7-15, 15-13, 11-10

by Jerry Miller, Publisher

Congratulations to ACAC Charlottesville Racquetball Director Bruce Pierce for winning the Charlottesville Racquetball Championship! Bruce squeaked by me 7-15, 15-13, 11-10 in the championship last night at ACAC Downtown.

It was truly a battle amongst two guys who are close friends. Bruce, the 35th ranked player in Virginia, finished the season with a 9-1 overall record (including the playoffs). I closed this season with a 12-3 overall record.

Over the last three seasons, three people (Bruce Pierce, Jay Osborne and myself) have dominated racquetball in Charlottesville and Central Virginia. Bruce is 22-5 overall. Jay is 32-9 overall. I am 34-12 overall. Nearly all of our losses are to each other. Jay is a three-time champion. I’ve advanced to the last three-straight finals.

In the B League, Dr. Robert Sinkin beat the venerable Patrick Thornton in a 3-game battle.

In the C League, Daniel Moore topped Jordan Sennett.

Thank you to ACAC for hosting yet another top-flight season and championship. The best players in a 40-mile radius of Charlottesville play at ACAC. If you’d like to participate, we all encourage you to join. The competition, fellowship and quality of play are absolutely contagious!

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Jerry Miller, CEO & Publisher

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