Jerry Miller Was Live On The I Love CVille Show!


The I Love CVille Show headlines:
Albemarle Student With Weapon At School
“Less Than 10 Weapons” Across ACPS
Should All Parents Be Notified About Weapons?
Natalie Oschrin Running For City Council
Bob Fenwick Running For City Council
What Matters Most This CVille Election Cycle?
Ideas For Devils Backbone On West Main St.
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Jerry Miller was live on The I Love CVille Show!

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CEO Jerry Miller

Jerry Miller is the CEO of The Miller Organization, The I Love CVille Network, VMV Brands, The Blue Ridge Venture Fund, I Love CVille Real Estate and Charlottesville Business Brokers which are all headquartered in Downtown Charlottesville, Virginia. Jerry is passionate about the #ShopLocal movement and supporting locally-owned businesses. Get to know Jerry at