Animal Connection: Pattie’s Tips For The Best Doggie Snack Bar In Charlottesville, Virginia


In this I Love CVille video feature, Pattie Boden, owner of Animal Connection, talks with Jerry Miller about the new Self Serve Snack Bar at Animal Connection. Here you will find a great selection of healthy and delicious snacks that you can mix and match for your dog.

Not sure what your dog will like? Get a little of everything or grab one of the 99 cent sample packs! Bring your snack container back and get 10% OFF your refill! Watch this video and go grab your pooch some sweet snacks at Animal Connection!

In 2017 Animal Connection was voted “America’s Coolest Pet Store” by Pets Plus Business magazine and “Retailer of the Year in Holistic Pet Products” by Pet News International.

Animal Connection has been the premier source for holistic pet supplies for Charlottesville and points beyond since opening in Fall 2001!

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CEO Jerry Miller

Jerry Miller is the CEO of The Miller Organization, The I Love CVille Network, VMV Brands, The Blue Ridge Venture Fund and I Love CVille Real Estate, which are all headquartered in Downtown Charlottesville, Virginia. Jerry is passionate about the #ShopLocal movement and supporting locally-owned businesses. Get to know Jerry at