Mary Birkholz And Ashleigh Morris Joined Jerry Miller On “The Caring For Creatures Show!”

Jerry Miller, CEO

Mary Birkholz, the president and founder of Caring For Creatures, and Ashleigh Morris, one of the best dog behaviorists in Virginia, joined us on “The Caring For Creatures Show” on The I Love CVille Network!

Mary Birkholz talked about a very generous sponsor who is matching all donations made today (use the link below to donate) and spotlighted a hound named Elmer and litter of kittens on the show today.

Ashleigh returned to “The Caring For Creatures Show” and talked to us about training your dogs to be around kids and training your kids to be around dogs. It was a fun and informative show and we look forward to having Ashleigh back again.

We encourage you to donate and support Caring For Creatures here:

Listen to the full show as an iTunes Podcast here:

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