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Top 25 East Coast Cupcake Shops

by Jerry Miller, Publisher

1. WickedGoodCupcakes; Cohasset, MA

132 Chief Justice Cushing Highway Rte 3A Old Colony Square Complex & The Quincy Market BLD the South Canopy Next to Cheers, Cohasset, Massachusetts
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: WickedGoodCupcakes FB

WickedGoodCupcakes makes adorable cupcakes, pies and other desserts in a jar. Read More

20 East Coast Breweries To Check Out

by Jerry Miller, Publisher

1. Monday Night Brewing, GA


670 Trabert Ave NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30318
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Monday Night FB Page

Monday Night Brewing is an Atlanta-based craft brewery. They brew beers for the weeknights – balanced, flavorful ales that pair well with food. Read More

Top 21 East Coast Donut Shops

by Jerry Miller, Publisher

1. Doughnut Plant, NYC

New York City
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Doughnut Plant FB

Doughnut Plant makes their own vegan marshmallows and makes donuts in apricot, tres leches and blackberry jam. They are available in multiple NYC locations. Read More

Top 20 Mid-Atlantic Fried Chicken Spots

by Jerry Miller, Publisher

1. The Loveless Cafe; Nashville, TN

loveless8400 Highway 100, Nashville, Tennessee 37221
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Loveless FB

Fried chicken and biscuits. These tried and true Southern food staples have been a part of Loveless Cafe’s history for more than sixty years.
Today the Loveless Cafe serves more than 450,000 guests a year and makes between 4,000 to 7,000 biscuits a day — still using that same secret recipe from Annie Loveless all those years ago. If only Annie could see today what her little cafe has become. As Donna McCabe, another long-time owner of the Loveless said, “People just like real food.” Read More

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