BCBA CEO & Founder Damien Banks Joined Jerry Miller On The I Love CVille Show!


Entrepreneur Damien Banks, the CEO & Founder of the BCBA Banks Collage Basketball Association, joined me today on The I Love CVille Show powered by Greenberry’s Coffee at Barracks Road and Dr. Scott Wagner of Scott Wagner Chiropractic and Sports Medicine.

Here are the topics we discussed with Damien:

(1). How has Damien built the BCBA into the premiere basketball league in Charlottesville and Central Virginia?

(2). Why did Damien launch the BCBA to begin with?

(3). Damien’s wonderful wife, Shawna Banks, is a key contributor to the BCBA. This power couple has a lot of influence in CVille. What is it like to work alongside your wife in the BCBA? I was so impressed with Damien’s genuine and sincere love for Shawna. It was displayed today on the show!

(4). Damien has evolved the BCBA from basketball to other sports like football, dance and track completions. How have Damien and Shawna done this? Why did he do this?

(5). I need to give props where props are due: Damien Banks and Ahmad Hawkins gave me the idea to launch the I Love CVille Show across social media. Both Damien and Ahmad have been leveraging social media for live broadcasts for awhile. I routinely watch both of their live broadcasts. I gave Damien props for this on-air and asked him about his weekly Wednesday night BCBA show.

(6). Damien grew up in Charlottesville on Ridge Street a few houses down from the FoodMaster convenient store. We discussed the future of Fifeville and Kim’s Market with Damien. The BCBA is held at Tonsler Park. The players often park at Kim’s Market, which I learned about from the fabulous April Dent Ward. When Kim’s Market is developed, how will this impact the BCBA and Fifeville? Damien offered his thoughts on this.

(7). Damien is a leader in our community. I will ask him fair but tough questions regarding our City Councilors’ city credit card usage and whether we have the right leaders in place to push Charlottesville in the right direction post A12.

(8). Damien went to Charlottesville High School. He is now a strong and caring father. I discussed the CHS experience with Damien and what it’s like to be a parent.

(9). I asked Damien if he would consider running for City Council or Albemarle County Board of Supervisors. He currently lives in the County. I think Damien is a big-time leader in our community. He also embodies the Golden Rule with how he lives his life. I think either Charlottesville or Albemarle County would be lucky to have Damien in an elected position.

(10). I asked Damien if he thinks Charlottesville, Virginia is a better place in 2018 than it was 20 years ago.

(11). I asked Damien about the best players in the history of the BCBA. I also asked him to highlight the best current players in the BCBA.

(12). We had a really funny moment at the end of the live broadcast. Liza, the I Love CVille dog, startled Damien on the set. It was awesome, baby!

In closing, I’d like to highlight a couples things about Damien Banks:

(A). Charlottesville is lucky to have Damien Banks as a citizen. This dude is genuinely a standup guy who wants to leave CVille in a better place than when he first arrived.

(B). Please support the BCBA through sponsorship. This organization is a non-profit that needs sponsors to help cover overhead. The BCBA encourages folks to stay out of trouble by playing sports. It’s a bonafide organization.

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