Breaking News: Kathy Galvin Will Challenge Sally Hudson For the 57th District


Seasoned Charlottesville politician Kathy Galvin is ascending the political ladder with an aggressive push toward David Toscano’s soon-to-open seat in the House of Delegates, according to eight sources inside Charlottesville City Hall.

Galvin, a battle-tested two-term Charlottesville City Councilor, will challenge newcomer Sally Hudson for the 57th District. She will make this announcement within the next nine days with an official press conference.

Galvin, along with Charlottesville City Councilor Heather Hill and Maya Restaurant co-owner Peter Castiglione, have agreed to come on The I Love CVille Show on Monday, March 11 to discus the 2020 fiscal year Charlottesville budget deficit and how this shortfall could impact the need to increase meals, real estate and lodging taxes across the City.

Galvin likely will return to The I Love CVille Show on Friday, March 15 to spotlight her push for the 57th District seat, which has experienced a roller-coster ride in the last three weeks.

Former Charlottesville mayor, Toscano, 68, has served in public office for almost 30 years, including nearly 13 years (seven terms) in the House of Delegates. Toscano served as the Democratic leader in the House from 2011 to 2018.

Toscano sent shockwaves throughout Charlottesville, Albemarle County and Central Virginia when he announced his retirement on February 23. This retirement surprised many across the Commonwealth, including Hudson, an ambitious, bright and resourceful economist who is an assistant professor at the University of Virginia.

Hudson has undoubtedly leaped to an early lead in the race for the 57th seat, cornering significant support from influencers, politicians and donors alike, including prominent Democratic benefactor Sonjia Smith, who allocated a whopping $100,000 to Hudson’s campaign.

Initially prepared to battle Toscano, the Hudson team, led by campaign manager Ian McNally, now pivots its strategy to clash with Galvin, a thick-skinned and fearless politico.

The two candidates cannot be more different. Galvin, who is 62 years old, is a practicing architect and former member of the Charlottesville School Board.

Hudson is in her early 30’s. She has never served in political office. However, she has years of experience in election reform. In 2017, Hudson launched FairVote Virginia, a cross-partisan coalition working to revive democracy by bringing ranked choice voting to Virginia.

While certainly in its early stages, the race for the 57th is shaping into a clash of epic proportions. Also, please expect another candidate to announce his/her plans to run in the near future.

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