Broadcaster Rob Schilling Joins Jerry Miller On The I Love CVille Show


Rob Schilling​, the talented host of “The Schilling Show” on Newsradio Wina​, joined us on The I Love CVille​ Show! Rob was the last Republican elected to Charlottesville City Council.

We discussed the following topics on today’s show:

(1). As CVillians, should we be concerned with City Council’s recent credit card usage as documented recently by The Daily Progress​???

(2). Should City Council be able to negotiate its own salary? Mayor Nikuyah J Walker​ recently proposed that City Council’s pay should be based on a sliding scale tied to the City Manager’s salary. Is this a smart idea?

(3). What is the future of the Fifeville and Cherry Avenue neighborhoods? Will The University of Virginia​ Machine or a handful of big-time developers transform Fifeville into a smattering of parking garages, $600,000 condos and academic buildings??

(4) Is Charlottesville, Virginia a better place today than when Rob first arrived to CVille in 1998?

(5). Should Charlottesville, Virginia change its City Council structure? For example, should we integrate a “district” or a “ward” system where council members represent a neighborhood or district instead of the City in totality?

(6). Should we be concerned that developers like Keith O. Woodard​ and Oliver Kuttner​ don’t want anything to do with CVille City Hall??

Here Is The Schedule For The I Love CVille Show This Week:

Tuesday, December 4: Ray Caddell​ (11:15 am)
Thursday, December 6: Lloyd Snook​ (12:00 pm)
Friday, December 7: April Dent Ward​ (11:45 am)

Join us on our “live stream” this week and ask our guests your questions!!!

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