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Get The Big Mini From Citizen Burger Bar

by Jerry Miller, Publisher

Get The Big Mini from Citizen Burger Bar in your belly ASAP! Citizen takes its “Classic Mini” (American cheese, citizen sauce, lettuce, onion) and then DOUBLES the meat and cheese. It’s absolutely soul satisfying. Read More

One Meatball Place Is Fun For Everyone!

by Jerry Miller, Publisher

Featuring fresh falafel, meatballs and salads, One Meatball Place in Midtown Charlottesville is an absolute must try!

One Meatball Place also offers vegetarian and gluten-free options and is the perfect family restaurant! Read More

Just Curry Returns

by Jerry Miller, Publisher

More than three years after closing down two locations of Just Curry– one on the Corner and one in the Downtown Transit Center– Chef Alex George is currying favor once more with a new location on the Downtown Mall. Read More

New Cart Brings Taste Of Down Under

by Jerry Miller, Publisher

In America, the word pie is usually preceded by the name of a fruit– apple, peach, blueberry. It’s a different world Down Under where pies are stuffed with meats, vegetables, and just about anything you can think of. Read More

Petit Pois: How Do You Say My Name?

by Jerry Miller, Publisher

In this I Love CVille feature, we ask the fine folks of Charlottesville how you pronounce Petit Pois’ name.

Do you know how to say it correctly? Read More

A Chef’s Guide To Choosing And Preparing Fresh Fish

by Jerry Miller, Publisher

It’s still a mystery why fish is not as popular as meat nowadays. A filet of Alaskan halibut is much leaner than a juicy steak; its fats, those precious omega-3 fatty acids, can help reduce heart disease and help cope with depression. It is even rumored that salmon clears and smoothes the skin. So what is it about fish that gets us in a panic? Not knowing what to do with it. Let me explain. Read More

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