Central Virginia Pickleball Rankings – I Love CVille (3/23/21)


1. Gabe Rivard, PVCC
2. Megan Charity, Pro
3. Megan Washburn, Glenmore
4. Annie Good, PVCC
5. Wray Sherman, Waynesboro
6. Brandon Shiflett, PVCC
7. Rueben Montoya, PVCC
8. Andrew Mavraganis, Glenmore
9. Jerry Miller, Glenmore
10. Caleb Doise, Glenmore
11. Jared Passmore, St. Anne’s-Belfield
12. Gabriel Montoya, PVCC
13. Lea Doise, Glenmore
14. Patrick Hicks, Farmington
15. Angie Fink, PVCC
16. Tom Hicks, Farmington
17. Heidi Freitager, PVCC
18. Reenst Lesemann, Farmington
19. Jason Grigg, PVCC
20. Wayt Timberlake, Farmington
21. Ernest Chambers, ACAC
22. Knikki Hernandez, PVCC
23. Bruce Pierce, ACAC
24. Mark Gearhart, St. Anne’s-Belfield
25. Wayan Wirahadisaputra, Penn Park
26. Hunter Price, St. Anne’s-Belfield
27. Paul Rentz, Farmington
28. Brooke Canova, St. Anne’s-Belfield
29. Jonathan Asbury, Penn Park
30. Warren Buford, St. Anne’s-Belfield
31. Babak Alimard, Glenmore
32. Rob Stockhausen, Farmington
33. Josh Canova, St. Anne’s-Belfield
34. Jeff Gaffney, Glenmore
35. Morgan Booth, St. Anne’s-Belfield
36. Trent Holden, St. Anne’s-Belfield
37. Sean O’Connor, Penn Park
38. Chris Stambaugh, Staunton
39. Adam Stanley, Waynesboro
40. Rick Miller, Waynesboro
41. Daryl Russell, Farmington

I Need To See These Players Play:

Kayla Johnson, PVCC
Carter Hoerr, Farmington
Jay Osborne, ACAC
Diego Prada, ACAC
Vince Riccabona, PVCC

On The Disabled List:

Brian Kent, St. Anne’s-Belfield (BK is a Top 15 player when he’s healthy.)

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