Charlottesville Planning Commissioner Rory Stolzenberg Joined Jerry Miller On The I Love CVille Show!


Charlottesville Planning Commissioner Rory Stolzenberg joined me on The I Love CVille Show powered by trusted real estate firm Roy Wheeler Realty Co., talented Dr. Scott Wagner of Scott Wagner Chiropractic and Sports Medicine, four generation strong Intrastate Inc. and Greenberry’s Coffee at Barracks Road.

I strongly encourage you to watch this episode if you:
(A). Care about affordable housing in CVille.
(B). Follow the comprehensive plan.
(C). Care about the future of the Charlottesville Downtown Mall.
(D). If you are a real estate agent or business owner in Central Virginia.
(E). If you closely follow residential and commercial development across Central Virginia.
(F). If you live in Charlottesville or Central Virginia.

Here are some topics we will cover:

(1). Put the role of a Planning Commissioner into perspective. What does Rory do? How did he get his seat? Who does he report to?

(2). How does the Planning Commission work with Charlottesville City Council?

(3). What are Rory’s thoughts on our current Charlottesville City Councilors and Albemarle County Board Of Supervisors?

(4). We spotlighted the good, the bad and the ugly of the comprehensive plan, including how it relates to Belmont, Woolen Mills, Friendship Court, Fifeville, North Downtown and the urban ring.

(5). We discussed affordable housing in CVille. Councilor Heather Danforth Hill and Mayor Nikuyah J Walker say we have an affordable housing crisis. What are Rory’s thoughts on affordable housing?

(6). Councilor Kathleen Galvin expressed concern about the new comp plan leading to population growth that our water system may not be able to handle. What does Rory think about this?

(7). What are Rory’s thoughts on the future of Friendship Court, Fifeville and Woolen Mills?

(8). Is the West Main Streetscape worth the tens of millions being allocated to it? Should we allocate tens of millions to the West Main Streetscape instead of our school system or to affordable housing?

(9). What does Rory think about the proliferation of the Lime and Bird scooters all over CVille?

(10). What is the future of parking spaces in CVille with how they directly correlate to new development in CVille?

(11). How important is changing the R1 Zoning (55% of land in CVille is zoned for single family detached homes)? Is changing the R1 Zoning the first step to solving the affordable housing crisis? What are Rory’s top five strategies for solving this crisis?

(12). What does Rory think about the pubic/private partnership the City of CVille is doing with Coran Capshaw and Riverbend Development at Crescent Halls?

(13). What truly happened when Keith O. Woodard’s $80,000,000 Water Street development?

(14). What could the Planning Commission have done to keep Tobias Dengel’s WillowTree, Inc. in City limits instead of moving its offices to Albemarle County (i.e Woolen Mills)?

(15). What can the Planning Commission do to incentivize or push Dewberry Capital Corporation into action with the Landmark Hotel? The Dewberry Capital Corporation fails at so many development projects across the country. How could this failure impact the Landmark Hotel. Also, did you Dewberry Capital is paying the City of CVille $65,000+ per year in real estate taxes for its miserable structure on The Charlottesville DowntownMall??

(16). How does Rory see The Downtown Mall migrating to IX Art Park?? What is the future of The Mall? Ludwig Kuttner and Brian Wimer, please listen to this and pass it along to AC.

(17). Does Rory have thoughts on the future home of the Charlottesville City Market??

(18). What does Rory think about Yolunda Armstrong Harrell’s plans for the Starr Hill Neighborhood through her New Hill Development Corporation? Yolunda, the invitation is open for you to join us on the show. The ball is kindly in your court.

(19). From the home owner’s perspective, should a neighborhood of home owners be in favor or opposed to the integration of renters into their community??

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