Charlottesville, Virginia Mayor Nikuyah Walker Joined Jerry Miller On The I Love CVille Show!


Charlottesville Mayor Nikuyah Walker joined us on The I Love CVille Show powered by Greenberry’s Coffee at Barracks Road!

Here are some of the topics we covered:

(1). I asked Nikuyah to put herself into perspective from a personal, family, professional and civic duty standpoint.

(2). Why is the Charlottesville Police Department experiencing tremendous turnover and attrition with its police officers? What did Nikuyah think about Sheriff Chip Harding’s televised comments about using an independent third party to audit the CPD and CPD Chief RaShall M. Brackney?

(3). I asked Nikuyah to put her day-to-day activities into perspective. Our city councilors work long hours. I’d like to get a feel for this workload. I am a huge proponent of increasing the salaries of all city councilors. David J. Toscano and Rob Bell (House of Delegates) are apposed to this salary increase. We discussed this topic.

(4). I asked Nikuyah what it’s like to work alongside Councilor Kathleen Galvin, Councilor Wes Bellamy, Councilor Heather Danforth Hill and Councilor Michael Signer.

(5). I asked Nikuyah about Dr. Bellamy’s recent goal to rename or rebrand Preston Avenue. If we rebrand Preston Avenue, is the next step to remove Thomas Jefferson from the University of Virginia??

(6). We discussed the future of Fifeville and Woolen Mills. Many folks in CVille think Fifeville will be “swallowed” by the growth around it. What does Nikuyah think?

(7). We talked about Yolunda Armstrong Harrell, the New Hill Development Corporation and its plans for the $500,000 it received from the City of CVille for future projects in the Starr Hill Neighborhood. (Important Note: I have invited Yolunda Armstrong Harrell onto the I Love CVille Show to discuss New Hill Development Corporation. I am waiting on a response from Yolunda as of 4:16 pm on 1/8).

(8). We discussed Coran Capshaw, Alan Taylor and Riverbend Development. Coran’s company is the primary development player in CVille. Why is this? Why is Coran doing more projects than the other developers? What does Nikuyah think about Coran’s plans for Crescent Halls?

(9). We will analyzed Adam Healey, the interim executive director of the Charlottesville Albemarle Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the value he is providing CVille. What do Adam and the CACVB need to do to change the national conversation about Charlottesville, Virginia? Everyone understands that Charlottesville, Virginia needs a rebranding, but what is actually being done about this?

Currently, an advertising agency from Raleigh, North Carolina (Clean, which has a grand total of 414 “likes” on its Facebook page) is dictating the branding and marketing strategies for Charlottesville, Virginia. Is this a good idea??

(10). What does Nikuyah hope the new comprehensive plan will do to promote affordable housing?

(11). What is the value of the West Main streetscape project? Is it worth the $4,000,000 the City is putting into it?

(12). Why is Dewberry Capital Corporation floundering with its development of The Landmark Hotel on the Charlottesville DowntownMall?? What can be done to expedite this and remove this hideous eye-sore from our skyline?

(13). What happened with Keith O. Woodard’s project on Water Street? Charlottesville lost an $80,000,000 development project that would have created soooo many jobs. What truly transpired?

(14). What can be done to make The Downtown Mall more inviting to people of all races and income levels?

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