Former Charlottesville Police Chief RaShall Brackney Killed The Downtown Mall Biergarten During The Depths Of The Pandemic

Jerry Miller, CEO

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Former Charlottesville Police Chief RaShall Brackney killed The Downtown Mall Biergarten concept that would have helped mom & pop business owners around The Mall during the depths of the COVID pandemic.

What was Chief Brackney’s reasoning for terminating the Biergarten concept?

Race, privilege and social justice.

Brackney believed only privileged people would use the Biergarten on The Mall, and they did not meet her approval as an incremental revenue customer base.

“I refused to approve this plan when [former Interim City Manager] Chip Boyles and [Charlottesville Office Of Economic Development’s] Jason Ness wanted to shove it down our throats,” Brackney wrote on Twitter. “This plan could only be approved if the Chief of Police signs off on it. I guess the Acting Chief [Tito Durrette] caved to the political pressures of the privileged.”

Brackney also Tweeted only the “privileged class” would use The Biergarten.

“[The privileged class] are the first to call the police when ‘others’ have an open container & imbibe on the mall. This plan calls for ‘ambassadors’ to monitor who paid for the privilege to drink & stroll on the mall. This is pay to play and stroll.”

Read the entire Twitter exchange between Brackney and The DTM here:

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