City Council Candidate Lloyd Snook Joined Jerry Miller On The I ❤️ CVille Show!


Charlottesville City Council Candidate Lloyd Snook joined me on The I Love CVille Show to discuss his campaign, platform and thoughts on hot topics in Charlottesville and the current City Council race.

We discussed the following on-air:
(1). What is the University of Virginia’s role in the CVille and Central Virginia communities?
(2). What are Lloyd’s thoughts on the gentrification that is happening in Fifeville, Belmont and the City of CVille in totality?
(3). Should City Hall follow through with its plan to build a parking garage on Market Street where Lucky Seven and Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant currently reside?
(4). Should we be allocating millions of dollars to the West Main streetscape and building improved bicycle infrastructure around Charlottesville instead of allocating the money to affordable housing and our school system?
(5). What did Lloyd think about Mayor Nikuyah J Walker’s commentary about him?
(6). What are Lloyd’s thoughts on the Vietnam Memorial in Charlottesville and making the memorial, which is the first of its kind in America, more accessible? Jim Carpenter is doing a fantastic job of championing these efforts.
(7). What are Lloyd’s thoughts on keeping the Charlottesville and Albemarle County court systems in Downtown CVille?
(8). Does Lloyd endorse Kathleen Galvin or Sally Hudson for Delegate David J. Toscano open seat in the 57th District?
(9). What did Lloyd think about Delegate Toscano’s retirement?
(10). What is the future of Fifeville and Friendship Court?
(11). How can we improve public transportation around Charlottesville and Central Virginia?
(12). Why would Lloyd make a good City Council candidate?

The June 11th Democratic Primary is right around the corner! We are gracious to have had Lloyd on the show to spotlight his platform.

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