Culinary Concepts AB President & Founder Antwon Brinson Joined Jerry Miller On The I Love CVille Show!


Culinary Concepts AB President & Founder Antwon Brinson joined me on The I Love CVille Show powered by Roy Wheeler Realty Co. (, Dr. Scott Wagner of Scott Wagner Chiropractic and Sports Medicine, Greenberry’s Coffee at Barracks Road and Intrastate Inc., a home’s best friend!

Here are the topics we covered:

(1). Who is Antwon Brinson the man, the husband, the father, the chef and the entrepreneur?

(2). What motivated Antwon Brinson to launch Culinary Concepts AB?

(3). How did the Community Investment Collaborative help Antwon launch Culinary Concepts AB?

(4). Antwon and his family first came to Charlottesville for a chef position at Common House. Antwon worked alongside General Manager Joseph Scala and for Common House owners Derek Sieg and Josh Rogers. What did Antwon learn at Common House? How did the experience at Common House help Antwon with his business?

(5). How have restauranteurs in Charlottesville responded to Antwon and Culinary Concepts AB? Antwon highlighted many restauranteurs, including Wilson Richey and a handful of others!

(6). Antwon said his wife and his family are what motivate him to be great. I loved his perspective on this topic! Please watch this portion of the interview.

(7). We discussed the future of Culinary Concepts AB. Antwon would like to scale this business across the country. He sees a shortage of experienced restaurant personnel across the nation and would like to solve this problem.

(8). Antwon talked briefly about affordable housing. Most of his students at Culinary Concepts AB live in Albemarle County or the surrounding counties because of the high cost of living in the City of CVille. It’s interesting how the lack of affordable housing impacts our community on so many different levels.

(9). We discussed the trials and tribulations of Culinary Concepts AB. If you are an entrepreneur, this discussion is important for you to watch and hear.

(10). We talked about despair and depression. All entrepreneurs at some point have these feelings. Entrepreneurship is very difficult. There are extreme HIGHS and extreme LOWS. We discussed this with Antwon. I asked him how he manages these feelings. His perspective is sooo good on this topic. Please watch this portion of the interview if you are a business owner or entrepreneurs.

(11). We talked about growing up playing team sports. We both agreed that playing team sports has a big-time impact on people later in life, especially with their ability to join a new business and contribute to a new team.

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