Former Vice Mayor Dede Smith And Christopher Eagle, Realtor For Real Estate III, Joined Jerry Miller On The I Love CVille Show!


Former Vice Mayor Dede Smith and Christopher Eagle, Realtor for Real Estate III, joined me live on The I Love CVille Show!

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The I Love CVille Show headlines (Wednesday, Sept 9)

1. BreadWorks is closing. BreadWorks has provided workforce training and jobs to people with disabilities since 1967. Show the attached picture.

2. Charlottesville Settlement Company hires virtual teaching assistant to help employees with children with online school

3. Boys & Girls Club forms a partnership with Fry’s Spring Beach Club.

4. The Charlottesville City Market is moving to a paved parking lot at Charlottesville High School. Why is this happening? Why is the City Market not at Ix Art Park or the Kim’s Market on Cherry Avenue?

5. Charlottesville City Schools experienced an internet outage yesterday

6. Charlottesville City Council approves mixed use development on West Market Street

7. Should college football teams be paying thousands of dollars to rent hotel rooms for players, coaches and support staff before gamedays when their athletic departments are bleeding money and begging the community for money and help?


9. Are New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and New Governor Andrew Cuomo the grim reapers of restaurants in the Big Apple?

10. The Monday Night Football intro song by Hank Williams just got pink slipped by ESPN



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