Former Charlottesville City Manager Dr. Tarron Richardson Is Back In CVille. Here’s Why:


Photo Credit: Weldon Cooper Center

Former Charlottesville, Virginia City Manager Dr. Tarron Richardson is now a practitioner-in-residence at The Weldon Cooper Center For Public Service at The University of Virginia.

Richardson has launched a business called Effective Government Solutions, LLC. He is the owner and CEO of Effective Government Solutions.

The Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service in collaboration with the Virginia Municipal League administers a Practitioner-in-Residence position that connects scholars and practicing public servants within the Commonwealth of Virginia, to support rigorous and practical research in the public service arena, and to give the Commonwealth of Virginia access to practical, helpful, top-notch research.

The scholarship funds (every two years for ten hours a week) a researcher, scholar, or governance professional to serve as a Cooper Center Practitioner-in-Residence. This practitioner will contribute to the research priorities of the Weldon Cooper Center and release a report on their research during that biennium.

The Practitioner-in-Residence program is funded by the The Morton F. Wallerstein Scholarship Program, which was established in 1973 to foster interest and research in Virginia local government. Advancing the capacities of these organizations to be data-driven, innovative and impactful is central to the mission of the Weldon Cooper Center and to the Virginia Municipal League.

In May, 2019, Richardson was named the city manager of Charlottesville, Virginia. In September, 2020, Richardson resigned as a city manager.

“Working day in and day out, many, many hours, it takes a toll on you mentally and physically,” Richardson explained of his resignation in September, 2020. “So, you know, I just thought it was a good time to step away to, you know, take care of myself.”

In November, 2021, Richardson sued the City of Charlottesville alleging the non-disparagement agreement he signed before receiving a $205,000 severance package violated his First Amendment rights to free speech. In March, 2022, Richardson dropped the lawsuit against the City with prejudice, which dismissed the lawsuit in perpetuity.

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