Former UVa Star Football Player Ahmad Hawkins Is Making A Positive Impact In Charlottesville, Va On Many Levels


Editor’s Note: This is episode three in a three episode Ahmad Hawkins series.

Former University of Virginia star football player Ahmad Hawkins is making a positive impact in Charlottesville, Virginia on many levels. Hawkins, now the CEO and owner behind the booming brand Ball Hawk, LLC, is a role model in Charlottesville.

“Now, I’m speaking [to kids and people] about being an entrepreneur and a business owner. A CEO,” Ahmad said. “I have my own LLC, my own domain name. I never thought I would have that. I’m showing my kids that you can be anything you want to. I didn’t go to school to be in broadcast journalism. I demonstrated that I had the work ethic to learn a new trade.”

Ahmad has built Ball Hawk, LLC into a vertically-integrated company with sports broadcasting, public speaking, branded apparel and live events revenue streams. He’s accomplished this by working 70-80 hours per week over the last few years while missing many family events because of business obligations.

Ahmad salutes and recognizes his father, Adolph A. Hawkins, for instilling a work ethic that is second to none.

“By short-changing my great accomplishments, my dad created this monster of never settling,” Ahmad explained. “Yes, it could be looked at negatively in the moment back in the day, but it’s been the biggest positive of my life.”

When Ahmad was younger, as he was growing up in Newport News and later Hampton, Virginia, he quickly developed an aptitude for sports. Adolph was often Ahmad’s toughest critic, especially while Ahmad was playing football at nationally-ranked powerhouse Hampton High School.

“I could have had a three touchdown game, and my dad would have been like, ‘you could have had two more.’ It was never good enough,” Ahmad said. “I loved football, but my dad loved football more than I did. I didn’t understand that, so I kind of pushed my dad away. Our relationship fractured, so we had a lot of bad blood. Once I got older and started reflecting on it, I started appreciating how hard he was on me.”

Today, Ahmad and his beautiful wife, Krissy, are the parents of an eight-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl. As a parent, Ahmad now understands that his dad was coming from the right place.

“They say life comes full circle,” Ahmad said. “Anytime you see me say, ‘Good is the enemy of great. Be great today.’ My dad put that fuel in me. He provided me a fuel for greatness.”

Ahmad and Krissy are now instilling that same work ethic into their children. Ahmad’s son, who is named Ahmad Hawkins, Jr., is a very talented athlete who is picking flag football leagues apart like Thanksgiving turkey. Recently, right before Ahmad, Jr., scored yet another touchdown, he chose to showboat before heading into the end zone. That didn’t sit well with his father.

“He loves Antonio Brown, and he turned around and taunted a couple kids before he scored,” said Ahmad, who immediately left the sidelines and met his son in the end zone to correct his behavior. “I stopped him [in the end zone]. Everyone was surprised. I told him, ‘I don’t want you showing up the team as far as back-pedaling and hot-dogging’ because at that age you can create a monster. I want it to be organic. I don’t feel like that was organic.”

Through experiences like this, Ahmad now realizes that his father, Adolph, always had the best intentions for him.

In Episode 3 Of “The Ahmad Hawkins Experience,” I profiled Ahmad Hawkins the person and the father instead of Ahmad Hawkins the football player. You see what makes Ahmad Hawkins great in this interview. You also see why we are lucky to have the Hawkins Family in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Editor’s Note: This is episode two in a three episode Ahmad Hawkins series.

The 757 football pipeline is well documented. While Hampton High’s Ronald Curry and Warwick High’s Michael Vick attract most of the attention, there are two OGs who should get more love.

You guys know who I’m talking about, right???

Yep, Allen Iverson and Aaron Brooks.

Allen Iverson was a nasty dual threat quarterback who terrorized defenses across the Commonwealth. Iverson, who was known as “Bubba Chuck” back then, also played running back, kick returner and safety. A scoring point guard, Iverson led Bethel to football and basketball state championships as a junior. He later matriculated to Georgetown University for two years before becoming the NBA Hall of Famer and “The Answer” as we all know him today.

Aaron Brooks was a standout quarterback under Coach Tommy Reamon at Ferguson High School in Newport News, Virginia (aka Bad News). Like Iverson, Brooks clawed his way out of a public housing project thanks to his talent on the gridiron. Brooks earned a football scholarship to the University of Virginia. After two impressive seasons in Charlottesville, Brooks was selected in the fourth round of the 1999 NFL Draft by the Green Bay Packers. Brooks finished his NFL career as the New Orleans Saints’ all-time leader in two statistical categories: (1). touchdowns in one season; (2). career touchdown passes. (Drew Brees has since broken both records).

My friend Ahmad Hawkins knows both Bubba Chuck and Aaron Brooks. In fact, Ahmad caught a game-winning touchdown pass from Aaron Brooks in a 36-32 comeback win over the Virginia Tech Hokies in Blacksburg in 1998. Guess what?? That’s the last time UVa has won in Blacksburg.

While younger than Iverson, Ahmad also grew up around AI. He remembers when Iverson moved from Newport News to Hampton to attend Bethel High School. While AI is certainly one of the best basketball players of all-time, Ahmad said Iverson was even better at football, which is crazy to think about!!!

Now the talented CEO and owner of Ball Hawk, LLC, Ahmad sat down with me on The I Love CVille Show powered by Greenberry’s Coffee Co. to discuss the monumental impact Allen Iverson and Aaron Brooks had on The 757 Football Pipeline.

Guys, this interview is RED HOT!! The Ball Hawk knows what’s up!

Editor’s Note: This is episode one in a three episode Ahmad Hawkins series.

On Friday night, when the lights were bright in Hampton, Virginia, there was one football team and one superstar that owned the spotlight in the mid 1990’s.

Hampton High School and Ronald Curry.

In an era before social media, Ronald Curry exploded onto the scene and culminated his Crabber career as a two-sport golden god. Curry, an All-American quarterback and point guard and the National Player of the Year in 1997, led Hampton High School to three-straight football state championships, including a National Title, and one basketball state championship. Curry, a 6-foot-2 wizard with braun, brains and balls, won the Slam Dunk contest in the McDonald’s All-American game and then proceeded to earn MVP honors in the game itself.

Ahmad Hawkins, the CEO and owner of the booming brand, Ball Hawk, LLC, watched The Ronald Curry Legend explode faster than Hampton Coach Mike Smith’s infamous temper. Hawkins, who played football at the University of Virginia, was Curry’s go-to wide receiver for two of his three state championships.

“I first met [Ronald Curry] when I was in the sixth grade at Lindsay Middle School. He was playing for the Hampton Tornados, and I was playing for the Aberdeen Raiders. We scrimmaged them. I remember people talking about this quarterback,” Hawkins recalled. “Within the third play, I knew who he was because he just launched a pass like 40 yards.”

Hawkins said Curry was ahead of this time. All of us in The 757 knew a rockstar was living in Hampton, Virginia.

“Part of me wanted to be Ronald, but a part of me was glad I wasn’t him because he could barely move. He could barely do what he wanted to do. Even though Hampton, they gave us our space, our student body did. They embraced us for who we were, but that guy… He would go to the mall and get mobbed.”

In Episode 1 of our three part series on Ahmad Hawkins, we discussed what it was like to be on the Hampton High School football team during the mid 1990’s as the Crabbers were winning championships and smoking their competition like no one had ever seen before.

Hawkins, a successful sports TV and radio broadcaster, is also the visionary behind Ball Hawk, LLC, a vertically-integrated company with a sports broadcasting division, a public speaking division, a branded apparel division and a live events division.

Guys, Episode 1 is absolutely fire!!

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