Harvey Mayorga, Co-Owner Of Guajiros Miami Eatery, And Barbara Lundgren, Owner Of Barb Wired, Joined Jerry Miller On The I Love CVille Show!


Harvey Mayorga, Co-Owner of Guajiros Miami Eatery, and Barbara Lundgren, Owner of Barb Wired, joined me live on The I Love CVille Show!

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The I Love CVille Show headlines (Wednesday, August 12)

1. Two-straight weeks of record low mortgage rates.


2. Blacksburg throttles its reopening plans because of the return of Virginia Tech students.


3. Pay cuts and furloughs at William & Mary


4. $17 Million Hydroponic Greenhouse Planned in Goochland County. The project will create 27 new jobs. The hydroponic greenhouse is expected to be able to produce 28 times more product per acre than a traditional growing operation and will be the fifth of its kind in the United States, according to the governor’s release.


5. ACC Football Update


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