How Will Business On The Charlottesville Downtown Mall Be Impacted If We Move The Charlottesville City Market To IX Art Park??


The City Market needs a new home. I think we all know this. A small asphalt parking lot on Water Street is not the future of our beloved City Market.

I think Ludwig Kuttner and Allan Cadgene’s Ix Art Park is the best location for The City Market moving forward. Please find my reasoning below. Please also find my explanation to why the City of Charlottesville may be apprehensive to move the City Market to Ix Art Park below.

Now, in the next five paragraphs, I will offer my thoughts on this question: How will business on The Charlottesville, Virginia Downtown Mall be impacted if we move The City Market to the Ix Art Park??

I think this move will positively impact The Downtown Mall and here’s why:

REASON 1: More people will come to The City Market because it’s easier to get to at Ix Art Park. That means more people will migrate from The City Market to The Downtown Mall to patronize and support the locally-owned restaurants and shops. Just like in the movie “Field of Dreams,” if you build it, they will come…

REASON 2: The Downtown Mall has more competition than ever. There’s 5th St. Station, The Shops at Stonefield, Barracks Road Shopping Center, Route 29 and a booming Crozet and Zions Crossroads. If The City Market moves to Ix Art Park, it will eventually evolve into a “crown jewel” or a zocalo of locally sourced food, art, crafts and more. If I was on the board of the Downtown Business Owners Association (DBAC), I would leverage this crown jewel in my marketing and branding strategies. Last time I checked, 5th St. Station, Barracks Road and Route 29 do not have Farmers Markets.

IN CONCLUSION: Business owners on The Downtown Mall should not feel threatened if The City Market moves from Water Street to Ix Art Park. They should welcome this move because it’s a separation point for The Downtown Mall vs. the other commerce areas of shopping, dining and entertainment in Charlottesville.

Furthermore, as The City Market matures at Ix Art Park, it will eventually attract customers from across Central Virginia, including outer counties like Fluvanna, Orange, Louisa, Greene, Nelson, etc. This is important because this outer county customer base will translate into “incremental revenue” (i.e. “new” revenue) for Downtown Mall business owners.


(1). It’s located within walking distance of The Downtown Mall.
(2). It’s a large space with grass, concrete and breathing room.
(3). There’s shade and public bathrooms at Ix Art Park.
(4). There’s space inside a covered and climate controlled building in case of inclement weather and/or colder weeks. This is HUGE, people!
(5). There’s plenty of free parking on-site, which will help vendors with the loading/unloading process while offering convenience for customers, especially the disabled and/or elderly.
(6). The vendor booths/stalls would be larger at Ix Art Park. This means improved quality of life for vendors and customers alike.
(7). You could probably bring your pets to Ix Art Park unlike the current “no dogs allowed” environment on Water Street.


I think City officials are apprehensive to move The City Market to Ix Art Park because the City would need to then enter a joint venture with two big-time Charlottesville property owners: Ludwig Kuttner and Allan Cadgene, the owners of the Ix property.

Public/private joint ventures happen all the time. It’s no big deal. Both sides should just clearly hash out the details and get them in writing. Ludwig and Allen know the game, and we all know Allan will be writing the contract for their side. This dude has serious skills with contracts.

The City certainly should also be prepared for the long-term vision/plan for the Ix property. (Perhaps, that’s why the real estate taxes are so high at the Ix Art Park.)

Here’s how I see it: Ludwig and Allen would like to develop the Ix brand and the Ix property into an epicenter of “live, work and play.” This new neighborhood – perhaps we brand it as “The Ix Art Park District” – would be the future bookend for The Downtown Mall on its Southside.


(1). 1-3 bedroom apartments and/or condos. These 1-3 bedroom apartments or condos are available for rent and/or for purchase. Most likely a mix of both.
(2). A daily Farmers Market strategically positioned outside the apartments or condos. Who doesn’t want to walk outside their home and step into a cool City Market to purchase their breakfast, lunch and dinner?? It would be awesome!!
(3). A flagship brewery called Three Notch’d Brewing Company located a few steps away.
(4). Other restaurants and shops like Brazos Tacos and Blue Wheel Bicycles on-site for extra convenience.
(5). A co-working space called Studio Ix for aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses on-site.
(6). A full-service gym ACAC Charlottesville a couple hundred yards away for everyone’s enjoyment at Ix.
(7). Oh, and don’t forget The Downtown Mall that’s only three blocks away.

The market value for these condos, depending on their size, finishes, floor level, etc., is anywhere between $500,000 – $1,200,000. Seriously. If you don’t believe me, checkout the townhomes or brownstones that are selling in between Water Street and Beer Run or the Andrew Baldwin Core Real Estate development on Water Street across from Dean Maupin’s C & O Restaurant. These comps are selling for $1,000,000+ because of their proximity to The Mall.


As I’m typing this, I’m realizing that this new Ix brand and new Ix property will dramatically impact Charlottesville, Virginia.

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