Two Ideas To Save The Charlottesville Farmer’s Market In 2020 And Beyond

Jerry Miller, CEO

STRATEGY 4: City of Charlottesville, Va – Government and County of Albemarle should consider this Joint Venture (JV):

Relaunch the Charlottesville City Market on The Rivanna Trail!

THE PLAN: Sprinkle local vendors throughout the RT to allow social distancing from customers. Encourage folks to walk and enjoy the RT while supporting vendors safely!

Right now, the Farmer’s Market is a “digital experience.” Let’s return the market to its original roots:

Locals supporting locals in an outside setting in CVille.

A crowded Water Street asphalt parking lot is not the future of our Farmer’s Market. That’s safe to say.

CVille City Hall and Albemarle County should sprinkle the Farmers Market vendors up & down The Rivanna Trail.

This will encourage the following:

1. Safe social distance shopping

2. Exercise along the RT

3. Improved quality of life

4. Local vendors earning support

5. ✌🏼& ❤️ in CVille

SECOND IDEA: Here’s another strategy for the Charlottesville Farmer’s Market for consideration: Let’s Consider Kim’s Market In Fifeville For The New City Market Location In Charlottesville, Va

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Jerry Miller, CEO & Publisher

Jerry Miller is the founder & CEO of I Love CVille, VMV Brands and I Love CVille Real Estate, which are all head-quartered on The Historic Charlottesville Downtown Mall. Jerry is passionate about the #ShopLocal movement and supporting local merchants, restaurants, breweries and wineries. Get to know Jerry at