I’m Disappointed With Joe Biden’s Exploitation Of Charlottesville, VA In His Announcement To Run For President


Joe Biden announced his campaign for presidency with a roughly four minute video that I found profoundly disturbing. I was disappointed with it. I was disenchanted with it. I was disheartened with it.

Joe Biden exploited August 11th and August 12th, 2017 for his personal gain and for his campaign for presidency. He once again put Charlottesville in the spotlight in a manner that is not indicative of our community by showing white supremacists carrying tiki torches around grounds at the University of Virginia and around The CVille Downtown Mall.

He chose to highlight and spotlight the evil and the racist behavior for his personal gain, and he exploited what happened on August 11th and August 12th to create a narrative that he is going to leverage to compete against Donald Trump.

Certainly, part of the reason we’re in this situation is because Donald Trump made a very moronic comment when he said that there were “fine people on both sides in Charlottesville” on August 11th and August 12th. That was not the case. There were not fine people on both sides on A12 in Charlottesville.

I saw it firsthand. I was in front of The Maclin Building on Market Street. I saw sin and evil that I’ve never seen before. We are in the process of healing, galvanizing and coming together as a community. We are getting stronger and using A11 and A12 as a way to have conversations like we had with Carl Brown on the I Love CVille Show.

Now, Joe Biden is putting Charlottesville back into the spotlight, and it’s going to be there for the next 18 months as he runs for a spot in the White House. That irritates the heck out of me.

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