Los Jarochos Mexican Restaurant To Open In Old Horse & Hound Space



I scouted a new banner in front of “Horse & Hound” (RIP) today. It looks like “Los Jarochos,” an authentic Mexican restaurant, is opening in the Midtown location. While “Horse & Hound” could not establish much traction, this space is prime for a new team to dust the cobwebs and welcome the summertime hustle.

Here are a few reasons why this location could work:

(1). Great location
(2). Legit outside dining/patio
(3). Large bar area with cocktail table options
(4). Decent dining room space

“Los Jarochos” is certainly leaping into a competitive category. The Midtown and Downtown Districts will now feature nine Mexican-inspired or Latin-inspired restaurants within two miles of each other:

(1). Zocalo Restaurant
(2). Mono Loco Restaurant
(3). Continental Divide
(4). Brazos Tacos
(5). Yearbook Taco
(6). El Jaripeo
(7). The Bebedero
(8). Guadalajara
(9). Los Jarochos

If we include Belmont (“La Taza” and “Aqui Es Mexico”) and The UVa Corner (“Two Guys Tacos”), then we have 12 Mexican-inspired or Latin-inspired restaurants within four miles of each other. That’s some serious competition! #iLoveCVille

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