Meet John Shanesy, Executive Chef At The Whiskey Jar. Shanesy Will Face Matty Hart In The Duel Chef Showdown!


John Shanesy, the executive chef at The Whiskey Jar, brings THE FIRE in this I Love CVille spotlight! Shanesy, a well-traveled and talented cook, who started his restaurant career in the dish pit, loves working for Restauranteur Wilson Richey in his high-volume kitchen.

“It’s fucking crazy!” Shanesy said of working at The Whiskey Jar. “My team is incredible. Wilson is incredible. They are very supportive. The team is incredible. I can walk out of the building anytime, and they will succeed. David, my sous chef, is a badass!”

Shanesy also gives big-time props to Restauranteur/Executive Chef Brian Helleberg, the owner of Petit Pois Restaurant and Fleurie Restaurant. Shanesy previously worked at Petit Pois before taking the EC position at The Whiskey Jar.

“Brian Helleberg is my hero,” Shanesy said. “He’s crazy. He checks the water levels to make sure you’re not using too much water. … Every minute detail; Brian is on it.”

“He’s intense for a reason. I love it, and I’ve definitely adapted a lot of his approach.”

Shanesy will face Matty Hartwell, the executive chef at The Local Restaurant and Catering, on Monday, October 8 in the Sweet 16 of The Duel Chef Showdown at Tin Whistle Irish Pub.

For $55, you get 8 dishes AND you get to vote the winning chef! There are seatings at 6 pm and 8 pm. Buy your tickets at!

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Meals On Wheels!

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