Michael Guthrie: “Here’s How You Start Your Real Estate Career!”

Jerry Miller, CEO

Jerry Miller: Charlottesville real estate agents that want to get into the game. They’re young, they’re hungry, they know social, they know digital. What are you telling them?

Michael Guthrie: One, that they need to be in it both feet. And, what that means is, no other jobs. They need to figure out, “How can I do this for six months and not get paid a dime?” Because, if I do that, after six months I’m going to start having cash flow.

Whether you go back to your parents – I’ve said find somebody – there are all these different venture capitalists and angel funds, find somebody and put a business plan in front of them and say, “This is what I’m going to do and this is what it’s going to be and in two years I’m going to be able to give you this return on your investment.”

But you have to have the ability to really get into it, be trained right (which a lot of people aren’t, they’re going into companies that just don’t train), take the time to really make the connections and, ultimately, it will start building on itself.

But if you’re trying to do it half in and half out, it’s really difficult to do.

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