Musicians Lora Kelley, Michael Clem and Eric Heinsohn Joined Jerry Miller On The I ❤️ CVille Show!


Musicians Lora Kelley, Michael Clem and Eric Heinsohn joined me on The I ❤️ CVille Show! This was the first time we featured musicians and live music on The I ❤️ CVille Network!

This show was SUPER AWESOME!! Lora, Michael and Eric absolutely crushed it. They played three songs for us: “Good Men Don’t Hurt You,” “Both Hands” and “Creeping In!”

Lora played her original music, and then we discussed the inspiration behind each song with her on-air. It was truly a dynamic interview that showcased her authenticity, vulnerability, ability for human connection and how she approaches life as a wife and mother each day.

I see a connection between entrepreneurship and being a musician. Both challenge us in different ways. Both are rewarding and arduous. Both require us to manage and display a sense of vulnerability that can be terrifying. When you wear your heart and your emotions in such public fashion, you are exposing yourself to potential pain, hurt and humiliation, but this is a necessity for genuine success in music and entrepreneurship.

I was truly grateful to spend 70 minutes with Lora, Michael and Eric. They made us better today!

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