Charlottesville Planning Commissioner Rory Stolzenberg And Scott Beyer, Founder And President Of The Market Urbanism Report, Joined Jerry Miller On The I Love CVille Show!

Jerry Miller, CEO

Charlottesville Planning Commissioner Rory Stolzenberg and Scott Beyer, the founder and president of the Market Urbanism Report, joined me live on The I Love CVille Show!

Here are the topics we covered:

1. How will an influx of thousands of new jobs in the next few years impact Charlottesville and Central Virginia’s economy, its housing ecosystem and the possibilities of amplified gentrification?

2. What are Rory and Scott’s thoughts on New Hill Development Corporation’s strategy to develop and create affordable housing in The City Yard, a roughly 10-acre parcel in the Starr Hill Neighborhood used to house city vehicles, equipment, tools and materials?

3. Lime and Bird e-scooters and e-bikes have now divorced themselves from Charlottesville, Virginia. How will this bitter break-up impact CVille’s future?

4. What should we do with Allan Cadgene’s West Main Street Parking Lot, which is currently for sale? Should the City of Charlottesville consider purchasing this lot, or do we allow an enterprising developer to convert these 3.22 acres into $1,600 per month studio apartments or $750,000 condos in the heart of town?

5. How will Dairy Central and Dairy Market impact the 10th & Page Neighborhood?

6. House flippers, savvy developers and deep-pocketed home seekers are targeting the Fifeville, Prospect and 10th & Page neighborhoods because they are the last “affordable” pockets of real estate in Charlottesville. What is the future of these three neighborhoods? Will these historically African American neighborhoods maintain their current integrity and character, or will the bombardment of attention and wealth change them forever?

7. Do Mayor Nikuyah J Walker and City Councilors Lloyd Snook, Michael Payne, Sena Floyd and Heather Danforth Hill stand a chance at managing the explosive growth, influx of new wealth and tangible gentrification in CVille, or is it impossible to slow a capitalistic market backed by high-dollar momentum and entrepreneurial spirit?

8. What should we do with Jonny Dewberry, “Extorting Emperor Of Empty Lots,” and his Dewberry Capital Corporation monstrosity on The Downtown Mall?

9. And a handful of “surprise topics and questions” for these two gentlemen.

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