Self Serve Dog Wash Coming Soon To Animal Connection In Charlottesville, Virginia! Pattie Boden Expands Her Business While Providing Pet Owners Answers!


1701 Allied St, Charlottesville, VA 22903
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Our I Love CVille team is so excited for Patricia Boden and Maggie McVerry Hawthorne as they prepare to launch a “Self Serve Dog Wash” at Animal Connection – All Natural Store for Dogs, Cats & Horses later this month!

As the owner of three German Shepherds, I know how difficult it can be to wash our furry friends in the bathtub at home. Not only does it create a mess in our bathroom, but the leftover fur clogs all our pipes!! No bueno.

Now, we have Pattie Boden and Animal Connection as the answer!! Charlottesville, this is amazing news for all of us!

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