Trace Cochrun Menchaca, Owner Of Flying M Feed & Pet Grocery, Joined Patricia Zeller And Jerry Miller On “What’s Barking Local” Powered By Animal Connection!

Jerry Miller, CEO

Trace Cochrun Menchaca, Owner of Flying M Feed & Pet Grocery, joined Patricia Zeller and me on “What’s Barking Local!” powered by Animal Connection!

Contact Pattie at Animal Connection to learn more about Easter baskets, same-day delivery and drop locations for pet food!

“What’s Barking Local!” airs every Wednesday at 3 pm on The I Love CVille Network!

Listen to the full show as an iTunes Podcast here:

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Jerry Miller, CEO & Publisher

Jerry Miller is the founder & CEO of I Love CVille, VMV Brands and I Love CVille Real Estate, which are all head-quartered on The Historic Charlottesville Downtown Mall. Jerry is passionate about the #ShopLocal movement and supporting local merchants, restaurants, breweries and wineries. Get to know Jerry at