What’s The Difference Between A Therapy Dog And A Service Dog? Pattie Boden And I Asked Edie Barbero This Question Inside Animal Connection!


Pattie Boden and I were curious about the difference between service dogs and therapy dogs. As a result, Pattie invited Edie Barbero to Animal Connection, Central Virginia’s most successful all-natural pet store, so we could ask her a few questions. Plus, we really, really wanted to hangout with Edie’s super cool pooch, Kenny The Therapy Dog.

“A therapy dog is trained to go into any kind of situation just to make people happy,” Edie explained. “Service dogs are trained to do something really specific for an individual person.”

Service dogs can go anywhere, including inside places like grocery stores, while a therapy dog has to be invited inside.

All of us at Animal Connection were immediately magnetized to three-year-old Kenny. His playful spirit is complimented by an “old soul” approach to connecting with people. Kenny is truly a fantastic therapy dog.

“They both are working dogs,” Pattie explained, “but this is a different kind of work. [Kenny] offers emotional support.”

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