Is This The End For The Foxfield Races In Charlottesville, Virginia? Will Greed Destroy A CVille Institution?


Hey, it’s Jerry Miller. I’m inside I Love CVille on the historic Charlottesville Downtown Mall. Today on Miller’s Minute, we are discussing the future of the Foxfield Races. Could the Foxfield Races be something of the past?

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The future of the Foxfield Races is up in the air. Developers are planning an upscale neighborhood on the Foxfield Races site, but neighbors are suing to prevent development and to preserve the dying wish of Foxfield’s original owner.

It goes to court August 17th, 2018.

The original owner, Mariann de Tejeda, wrote in her will that she wanted the Foxfield Races to live in perpetuity and for the land to remain the same. She died in 1983.

What will happen? Only time will tell. We will follow it closely on Miller’s Minute.

You can find more information about saving Foxfield at

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