10 Colonial Christmas Traditions To Celebrate In CVille

Jerry Miller, CEO

1. Wine!

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If there’s one thing the settlers loved, it was drinking. Festivities were full of brandy, cider and most of all; wine!

2. Oysters

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John Smith recorded having oysters at his first Virginia Christmas and The Virginia Almanac confirms that it was a traditional Christmas food.

3. Gun Firing

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Young men would often shoot their rifles into the air on Christmas Eve. A confetti gun from Party Starts Here might be a safer (and more colorful) option.

4. Gambling

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A 1772 Virginia Almanac states that December is a time when money will be lost on card and dice games. rock paper scissors has some cute playing cards and you can get dice in any color at Atlas Comics.

5. Light Up Your Windows

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Winter could be a dark and bleak time of year so many colonists put candles in their windows. These festive candle holders are from The Virginia Shop.


6. Keep The Celebration Going!

Christmas used to last 12 days starting on December 25th.

7. Stay Out Of New England

Christmas celebrations were outlawed for being Pagan. Any festivities would earn you a 5 shilling fine for each offense.

8. Drink Eggnog!

Eggnog became a Christmas tradition in Jamestown.

9. Dance!

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Colonial Christmas was full of balls and dances. They listened to some religious music, but mostly whatever was popular at the time.

10. Decorate With Scents

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Virginia colonists would fill their homes with fragrant herbs.

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