10 Facts About Bodo’s Bagels


1. Almost Half Of The Population “Likes” It On Facebook

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Charlottesville has a population of around 43,956. Bodo’s has around 17,000 “Likes” on Facebook. Our question is, what’s up with the other half?

2. The Bodo’s Bagels Brand Is 26 Years Old

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Bodo’s opened on July 1988. Happy birthday!

3. It Took A Decade To Open The Third Location On The UVA Corner

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The lease for The Corner location was signed in ’95 but didn’t open its doors until ’05.

4. The Founder Chose CVille Because Of Its People

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Brian Fox was searching for a welcoming and friendly town to start his new business. He decided to settle in Charlottesville, VA.

5. Bodo’s Is Named After A Waiter

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Brian Fox named Bodo’s Bagels after a friendly waiter that worked at his restaurant in Vermont.

6. Bodo’s Bakes All Day

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The reason Bodo’s tastes so fresh is because it is! While most places do all their baking in the morning, Bodo’s bakes their bagels all day long.

7. Bodo’s Is Extremely Selective With Its Staff

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Rumor has it job interviews could last up to four hours back in the day. While they may not last as long now, Bodo’s is still VERY selective in who they choose to hire.

8. It’s On Urban Dictionary

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Urban Dictionary knows what’s up.

9. Co-Owners Scott Smith And John Kokola Revolutionized Bodo’s Coffee

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Smith and Kokola didn’t like the coffee at first, so they experimented until they found the perfect blend and temperature.

10. Brian Fox Has A Favorite

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The founder’s favorite bagel sandwich is Pastrami on an Everything, kalamata spread, tomato, onions.

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