10 Fun Facts About Dr. Scott Wagner


1. Dr. Scott Wagner Graduated From Life University

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Life University is the world’s largest Chiropractic college.

2. One Of His Hobbies Is Farming

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He is getting ready to raise horses.

3. His Favorite Memory Was When He Was Able To Help A 12 Year Old Girl Suffering From Migraines

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Dr. Scott Wagner’s favorite cases are when he can help children and their parents.

4. He Can Play Piano

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Though few people have been lucky enough to hear him play.

5. His Favorite Food Is Ahi Tuna

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Dr. Scott Wagner loves fish.

6. Dr. Scott Wagner’s Favorite Part Of Being A Chiropractor Is Working With Everyone

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He loves that he can help a broad spectrum of people from children to professional athletes.

7. He’s Ambidextrous

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He used to get smudges on his left hand from writing in school.

8. His Favorite Team Is The Virginia Cavaliers!

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Go Cavaliers!

9. Dr. Scott Wagner’s Favorite Fact About Chiropractic Medicine…

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Simply through chiropractic care you can increase your athletic performance by 10-15%.

10. And Some Final Advice From Dr. Scott Wagner

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Rest is one of the most vital things for keeping your body functioning properly.

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