10 Fun Facts About Virginia


1. They Didn’t Start Out Growing Tobacco

Virginia was supposed to be a silk colony. After a fungus wiped out the trees that the worms feed on, they switched to tobacco.

2. William & Mary Is The Second Oldest College In The Country

Photo: William & Mary FB
Harvard is the oldest.

3. Virginia Gave Birth To West Virginia & Kentucky

Photo: tngenweb.org
Kentucky and West Virginia were carved out of Virginia land.

4. Around Half Of The Civil War Was Fought In Virginia

With the two capitols being Richmond and Washington, Virginia was an incredibly strategic point of the war.

5. The First Thanksgiving Was In Virginia

It happened at Berkeley Plantation in Charles City, VA.

6. There Is An Island Where Wild Ponies Have Roamed For Centuries

Each year they are herded from Assateague Island to Chincoteague Island.

7. Virginia Used To Have Shires

Photo: hobbitontours.com
Virginia’s counties were originally called “shires”.

8. Virginia Is Known As The Mother Of Presidents

8 US presidents have come from Virginia. No other state has had as many presidents.

9. Richmond Hates The Coin Toss

It is illegal to flip a coin to see who pays for coffee.

10. You Can’t Swear On The Phone

It is a misdemeanor.

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