10 Hard Cider Cocktails And The Ciders You Should Use


1. Crisp Berry, Angry Orchard

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Angry Orchard has a bunch of great cider cocktails on their website. The Crisp Berry seems like the perfect drink for the summer. It has hard cider, red berry vodka and lemon/lime soda for a sweet bit of sparkle!

2. Pom Pomme, Blue Bee Cider

212 W 6th St, Richmond, Virginia 23224
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The first pom stands for pomegranate and the second is the French word for “apple”. It has hard cider, ginger liqueur, apple brandy and pomegranate juice for a fruity treat.

3. Granny’s Navy Grog, Albemarle Ciderworks

2545 Rural Ridge Lane in North Garden, VA
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A dry Albemarle Ciderworks cider will balance our the rum in this tropical drink. It has dark and light rum, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, simple syrup and hard cider.

4. Woodchuck Cider Punch, Woodchuck

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Woodchuck Cider is another cider maker that has a list of cocktail recipes on their site. This summer cocktail has lemon sherbet, ginger ale, woodchuck cider and lemon slices.

5. Stone Fence, Potter’s Craft Cider

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This old fashioned cocktail is incredibly simple. It’s just gold rum and hard cider. It’s history in the American Revolution makes it the perfect patriotic drink!

6. Cider Sangria, Bold Rock

1020 Rockfish Valley Highway, Nellysford, VA 22958
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Bold Rock lends the perfect refreshing backdrop for cider sangria, you will also need ice cider, ginger root, fresh fruit and Grand Mariner.

7. Red Witch, Old Hill Hard Cider

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The Red Witch is another great and simple cocktail. It has a shot of Pernod, black currant cordial and hard cider.

8. Constable Shuffle, Winchester Ciderworks

2502 N Frederick Pike, Winchester, Virginia 22603
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The Constable Shuffle has peach Schnapps, Galliano herbal liqueur, wine and hard cider. It has a fruity flavor and a tart finish.

9. Bloody Mick, Castle Hill Cider

6065 Turkey Sag Rd, Keswick, Virginia
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The Bloody Mick is a bit more sophisticated with Irish Whiskey and maraschino cherry juice. It’s served with three ice cubes.

10. Josie Russell, Foggy Ridge Cider

1328 Pineview Rd, Dugspur, Virginia 24325
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Recipe | Photo: drinkingwithhemingway.com

This Ernest Hemingway original comes from the writer’s fishing log. It’s made with hard cider, rum, lime juice and sugar.

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