10 Of The Coolest People In CVille


1. Mike Penny, Founder/President, Savvy Rest

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Mike Penny spent 20 years living and teaching at a yoga community and discovered that he loved making people feel at ease. Two things inspired Mike to start his business: insomnia and a job at a futon company. After discovering the toxic materials that go into mattresses at his job, he set out to make an organic mattress company, allowing for a healthy and comfortable sleep. Savvy Rest is consistently featured in Inc Magazine‘s “Fastest Growing Private Companies” and is one of the best companies to work for in Central Virginia.

2. Brooke Jenkins, President, Red Shoe CVille

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Brooke is the visionary behind Red Shoe CVille, an extension of The Ronald McDonald House. She is behind all the events and partnerships for the non-profit that helps support families with children that have serious illnesses.

3. Sean Tubbs, Senior Reporter, CVille Tomorrow

Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: CVilleTomorrow.org
Sean Tubbs reports on growth, development and local politics. Charlottesville Tomorrow is one the last breaking news and hard news outlets in our city. Sean has won multiple awards in journalism, including two first place awards for in-depth investigative reports on the 29 Bypass.

4. Mike Kondor, Founder/President, Old Dominion Heritage Furniture

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Mike Kondor’s business combines recycling and art. Using reclaimed barrels, Kondor crafts beautiful pieces of furniture and decor. He doesn’t paint his pieces, preferring to let the history of his materials show through. These rustic works of art can be found at his etsy shop.

5. Teri Kent, Founder, Better World Betty

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Teri Kent is a former middle school teacher turned environmental consultant. She is constantly looking for ways to make the world more green and her first stop is local businesses. Teri is truly an asset to our Central Virginia community because she works hard to make our home a better place.

6. Fabian Kuttner, Manager/Visionary, The Ix Project & Ix Art Park

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Fabian Kuttner is a passionate visionary of the Ix Art Park and Ix Project. He hopes to turn the Ix property into a center of the Charlottesville community. He and his father, Ludwig Kuttner, are dedicated to the arts, sustainability and improving CVille.

7. Erin King, Events & Marketing Manager, commonwealthSKYBAR + commonwealthRESERVE

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Erin King grew up in the restaurant business. Her father was a chef and she started working in restaurants when she was 16 years old. She is now in charge of marketing and events for commonwealthSKYBAR and the new commonwealthRESERVE.

8. Scott Wagner, Founder/President, Scott Wagner Chiropractic & Sports Medicine

Facebook | Website | Photo: Scott Wagner
Dr. Scott Wagner recognizes the importance of a patient’s involvement in their own recovery. His people oriented practice has created loyal patients out of his visitors. These loyal patients include golf pro, Jack Snyder and former NBA player, Sean Singletary.

9. Tomas Rahal, Founder/Head Chef, Mas Tapas

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Tomas Rahal opened Mas Tapas to introduce the people of Charlotesville to a savored and slow cooked cuisine. Tomas’ deep appreciation for the multicultural aspect of Spanish cuisine lead to an inventive and delicious menu with every detail planned right down to the origin of the olives.

10. Jenn Finazzo Schneider, Owner, Jenn Finazzo Photography

Facebook | Website | Photo: Jenn Finazzo
Jenn Finazzo Schneider is a Charlottesville photographer. Although her main passion is food and restaurant photography, her ability to capture people is amazing. Her portraits contain so much heart and personality, you almost feel like you know the subjects.

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