10 Reasons I Love CVille!


1. The Culinary Culture

Photo: CVille Photo & Video
You can’t make a list about the best parts of Charlottesville without mentioning the amazing restaurants, at least we can’t. Charlottesville has a fantastic and constantly growing restaurant scene.

2.The Creative Community

Photo: Live Arts FB Page
Charlottesville is full of galleries and public art installments. We are a city made up of painters, photographers, craftsmen, thespians and more.

3. The Vineyards & Wineries

Photo: Glass House Winery
You may have seen our list on reasons to love VA wine country, but think of all those wonderful things in one convenient city. There is no shortage of tranquil land to sip a fine wine.

4. The Spring


The first few weeks of spring are always anticipated with much enthusiasm. It’s when every tree and bush blossoms and the ground is covered with soft pink petals.

5. The Downtown Mall

Photo: Downtown Mall FB Page
The Downtown Mall is a constant stomping ground for any good Charlottesvillian. With so much happening, it truly is the center of our town.

6. Scenic Roads In The Fall


When fall rolls around, it’s the perfect time to just go out for a drive on the country roads of Virginia and watch the golden leafs flit down.

7. The Bookshops


Charlottesville is home to many wonderful used book stores to lose yourself in. Whether you’re alone or with a friend, they’re great little places to explore.

8. The Concerts

Photo: Southern Cafe and Music Hall

It seems every week there’s some big concert happening around town. Anyone who’s been to Friday’s After Five knows CVille has a lively music scene.

9. The Hiking

Photo: Ivy Creek FB Page
Virginia is full of natural beauty, and we in Charlottesville are blessed to have such beautiful trails to hike.

10. A Commitment To Supporting Local Business

Photo: Blue Ridge Country Store FB Page
Here in Charlottesville, we don’t just buy local. We live local. Our community has a passion that drives our local stores and City Market. Few cities have a population that works like we do to sustain our lovely and sometimes quirky store fronts.

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