11 CVille Food Trucks You Must Try!


1. Catch The Chef

Catch The Chef

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You’ve probably seen Catch The Chef on the Downtown Mall at one point, but you might not know that he sells more than just hot dogs!

2. Morsel Compass Mobile Kitchen

Morsel Compass

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Morsel Compass Mobile Kitchen specializes in tacos, with flavors inspired by all points of the compass!


3. Big Easy Metro Market

Big Easy

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Big Easy Metro Market features bayou inspired cuisine like gumbo, bbq and po’boys.

4. Delicious George

Delicious George

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Delicious George is a mobile fry cart making the rounds of local breweries.

5. Pantheon Ice Pops


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Fresh, whole-fruit ice pops in lots of flavors is what you’ll find at Pantheon Ice Pops. Hire them out for your next big event.

6. Little Manila

Little Manila

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Little Manila is a Filipino food truck that you’ll see around local wineries and the Downtown Mall.

7. Mobilee Delicious


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Mobilee Delicious does soft serve yogurt, slushies, and Italian ice, and they are available for your next party!

8. Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

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Have a Sweet Tooth at your next event with this sweets-filled food truck!

9. Vanguard Ranch


Website | Facebook | Photo: FB

Vanguard Ranch features farm-fresh, all-natural products, with a focus on free-range meat goats. Goat burgers, kabobs and curried goat, and they cater!


10. Two Brothers Southwestern Grill

Two Brothers

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Two Brothers Southwestern Grill is a taco truck that can often be found at breweries and wineries.

11. Kona Ice Cville

Kona Ice

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: FB

Get shaved ice creations brought right to your location with the family owned Kona Ice truck!

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