11 CVille Fun Facts


1. Evan Almighty Was Filmed Here

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Much of the Steve Carell movie was filmed in a housing development in Crozet, VA.

2. Dr. Pepper Was A Wahoo

Yes, That Dr. Pepper! Charles T. Pepper was the namesake of Dr. Pepper soda. He got his medical degree at UVA.

3. UVA Helped Georgia O’Keeffe Paint Again

Georgia O’Keeffe was convinced she would never become a real artist until her painting class at UVA. She even came back to teach an art class.

4. The Dr. Seuss Story Is A Myth

The story goes that after the man we know as Dr. Seuss was denied admission to UVA, he bought the Louis Mountain House so he could look down on UVA. There has been no evidence to support this.

5. “The Hook” Is All About Grades

The nickname “The Hook” refers to UVA students getting what is known as the “Gentlemen’s C” on their report cards.

6. They Aren’t Just Cavaliers

UVA students are also called “Wahoos”. A wahoo is a fish that is said to drink twice its own weight. Interpret that how you like.

7. Rob Lowe Was Born In CVille

In 1964, Rob Lowe was born to a lawyer and a schoolteacher in Charlottesville, VA.

8. Thomas Jefferson Invented The Swivel Chair

He even sat in it while writing parts of The Declaration Of Independence. No one has mentioned him spinning in it when he had writer’s block, but one can hope!

9. St. Thomas Aquinas Is Made Of Salvaged Bumpers

St. Thomas Aquinas Church on Alderman’s statue is actually made out of old car bumpers.

10. The City Is Named For Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

She was the wife of King George III and namesake for at least eight other places.

11. Tina Fey Graduated From UVA

Photo: Imdb.com
Tina Fey studied acting and play writing at UVA. She graduated with a BA in drama.

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