17 Most Iconic Restaurants In CVille


1. Bodo’s Bagels

1418 Emmet St. | 505 Preston Ave. | 1609 University Ave. Charlottesville, VA 22903
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You simply can’t let your visitors leave Charlottesville without making them try a Bodo’s Bagel at least once. The authentic New York bagels come with sandwich toppings and delicious house made schmears!

2. The Virginian Restaurant

1521 University Ave, Charlottesville, Virginia
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The Virginian Restaurant is CVille’s oldest restaurant. It has a long legacy as a popular student hangout. Their most iconic dish would probably be their mac and cheese, topped with a potato pancake!


3. C&O Restaurant

515 E Water St, Charlottesville, Virginia
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C&O Restaurant is a beautiful fine dining establishment, tucked away on E Water St. They have an amazing atmosphere and locally sourced dishes.

4. The White Spot

White Spot
1407 University Ave, Charlottesville, Virginia
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This late-night diner isn’t just a go-to spot for UVA students, it’s also the home of the legendary Gus Burger! If you’ve ever wondered why CVille is so obsessed with fried eggs on burgers, The White Spot is the reason.

5. The Aberdeen Barn

2018 Holiday Dr, Charlottesville, Virginia
Facebook | Website | Photo: The Aberdeen Barn FB

The Aberdeen Barn is Charlottesville’s best steakhouse. Every CVille family has dined here at one time or another!

6. Littlejohn’s New York Delicatessen

1427 University Ave | 2050 Bond Street Charlottesville, VA
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It’s not hard to see why CVille loves Littlejohn’s New York Delicatessen. They make all of their ingredients from scratch. The bread is fresh baked and the meat is hand trimmed daily.

7. Mudhouse

213 W Main St | 1345 Parham Circle | 2401 Ivy Road | Charlottesville, Virginia | 5793 The Sq, Crozet, Virginia 22932
Facebook| Website | Twitter | Photo: Mudhouse FB

Boston may have Dunkin Donuts, but Charlottesville runs on Mudhouse. This is the coffee shop CVille goes to for expertly brewed, craft coffee.

8. Mas Tapas

MAS Tapas
904 Monticello Rd, Charlottesville, Virginia
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Mas Tapas FB

Mas Tapas was a trailblazer in the Belmont restaurant scene. The Belmont district wouldn’t be the same without the vision of Tomas Rahal.


9. Riverside Lunch

1427 Hazel St, Charlottesville, Virginia
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Riverside Lunch has a large following of dedicated fans. They are particularly famous for their juicy burgers and onion rings.

10. Beer Run

Beer Run
156 Carlton Road, Suite 203, Charlottesville, Virginia
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Anyone who’s been to Beer Run knows it’s not just a beer-drinker’s paradise. It also has amazing food like the salmon banh mi and the AM biscuit!

11. Wayside Chicken

2203 Jefferson Park Ave, Charlottesville, VA 22903
Facebook | Website | Photo: Wayside FB

If you ask anyone in town where you can get fried chicken, they’ll point you in the right direction. Wayside’s famous fried chicken has been feeding Fry’s Spring for more than 50 years.

12. Crozet Pizza

5794 Three Notch D Rd, Crozet, Virginia
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It used to be that you had to drive all the way out to Crozet to get a slice, but that didn’t stop CVillians from eating National Geographic‘s “Best In The World” pizza!

13. The Blue Moon Diner

Blue Moon
512 W Main St, Charlottesville, Virginia
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The Blue Moon Diner offers live music, inventive diner fare and a unique atmosphere you can’t find anywhere else. Is it any wonder we love it so much?

14. Duner’s

4372 Ivy Rd, Charlottesville, Virginia
Facebook | Website | Photo: Duner’s FB

Duner’s is a casual New American restaurant with a seasonal menu made from organic and locally sourced ingredients.

15. Tip Top Restaurant

Tip Top
1420 Richmond Rd, Charlottesville, Virginia 22911
Website | Photo: Yelp

Tip Top Restaurant is an iconic diner. Their breakfast is great, but you have to stop by for lunch and dinner.

16. Dr. Ho’s Humble Pie

Dr Hos
4916 Plank Rd, North Garden, Virginia
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Dr. Ho’s perfectly seasoned pizzas are made with wholesome ingredients. Perhaps that’s why one of Charlottesville’s favorite pizzas isn’t even in Charlottesville.

17. Bluegrass Grill & Bakery

313 2nd St SE, Charlottesville, Virginia
Facebook | Photo: Bluegrass FB

Bluegrass Grill & Bakery is probably one of the most popular brunch destinations in CVille. Known for their pies, cakes and lavender French toast, Bluegrass brunch is an experience you must have once in your life.

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