“3,” A Collaboration Wine, Turns Three—And A Different Color


With all of the frost, fungi, and fruit flies that Virginia winemakers have to fret over, it’s easy to forget that they also have some fun along the way. And it was in the name of fun that friends and colleagues Jake Busching, Matthieu Finot, and Emily Hodson Pelton came up with the idea three years ago to make a winemaker’s wine that blended equal parts of wines made at their respective vineyards: Pollak, King Family, and Veritas. They called it “3”—three winemakers, three wineries, three vineyards, three varietals, one wine.

The joint effort was not just the earnest winemakers’ way of presenting the industry as a unified space where they learn and grow from one another, but it was also a reminder to us that they love what they do. In 2010, they produced 150 cases of “3” from the 2009 vintage, each took 50 cases to sell from their tasting rooms, and released the wine at a party in March 2011 as a special edition collaboration. At $33.33 a bottle, the relatively high price tag reflected its limited availability and the craftsmanship of a trio sharing dirt of which they are duly proud.

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Scoutology Staff