30 Northern Virginia Breweries To Visit


1. Adroit Theory Brewing Company; Purcellville

404 Browning Ct Unit C, Purcellville, Virginia
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Adroit FB

Adroit Theory Brewing Company is a nanobrewery that makes a fantastic selection of barrel aged beers like their G/I/A/A imperial IPA that’s aged on charred Ash.


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2. Corcoran Brewing Co.; Purcellville

205 Hirst Rd Suite 105, Purcellville, Virginia
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Corcoran FB

Corcoran Brewing Co. offers twelves of their beers at a time. They have a wide variety of styles and tastes to fit any mood.


3. BadWolf Brewing Company; Manassas

9776 Center St, Manassas, Virginia 20110
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: BadWolf FB

BadWolf Brewing Company is a small batch brewery. They only make unfiltered and unpasteurized beers in interesting flavors like the ginger rosemary Yggdrasill.

4. Adventure Brewing Company; Fredericksburg

33 Perchwood Dr, Unit 101, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Adventure FB

Adventure Brewing Company has a fun selection of seasonal and specialty brews like 50 Shades of Chocolate and Cool Love Cocoa Mint Stout.

5. Beer Hound Brewery; Culpeper

201 Waters Pl, Culpeper, Virginia
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Beer Hound FB

Beer Hound Brewery is a nanobrewery that names all of their brews after famous hounds, like the rich Old Yella wheat ale.

6. Capitol City Brewing Company; DC

1100 New York Ave NW Frnt 1, Washington, District of Columbia
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Capitol City FB

Capitol City Brewing Company is dedicated to quality ingredients. They brew in a wide variety of styles with great seasonal flavors.

7. Blue & Gray Brewing Co.; Fredericksburg

3300 Dill Smith Dr, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Blue & Gray FB

Blue & Gray Brewing Co. is a brewpub and microbrewery that uses 100% malted barley and all American hops in their brews.

8. Belly Love Brewing Company; Purcellville

725 E Main St, Purcellville, Virginia
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Belly Love FB

Belly Love Brewing Company brews beers to make your belly happy. They have a great taproom and great beers like Shut The Fook Up and My Bitter X.

9. Backroom Brewery; Purcellville

150 Ridgemont Rd, Middletown, Virginia
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Backroom Brewery FB

Backroom Brewery describes themselves as a “boutique brewery.” They grow their own hops as well as herbs they use for their taproom dishes.


10. Battlefield Brewing Company; Fredericksburg

4187 Plank Rd, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Facebook | Website | Photo: Battlefield FB

Battlefield Brewing Company offers fresh brewed beer in their brewpub.

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