6 CVille Commandments


1. Thou Shalt Sing The Praises Of Bodos To The Unconverted

Photo: Bodo’s Bagels FB Page

2. Thou Shalt Let All Know On The Free Speech Wall That Thou “Wuz Here”

Photo: Charlottesville Downtown Mall FB Page

3. Thou Shalt Adorn Thy Vehicle With The Mark Of The Prophet Dave Matthews

Photo: etsy.com

4. When Thou Hunts In The County Of Orange, Thou Must Wear Camo So The Animals Won’t See Thee, But Also Bright Orange So Thine Friends Will

Photo: www.LLBean.com

5. Thou Must Enjoy The Music Stylings Of The Harmonica Man AKA Bucket Man And Properly Compensate Him At Least Once

Photo: tumblr.com

6. Thou Shalt Rocketh Out To Bennie Dodd On An Outdoor CVille Patio, Like Coupe De Ville’s Or Wild Wolf Brewing Company

Photo: Bennie Dodd FB Page

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