6 Curious Characters From CVille’s Past

Jerry Miller, CEO

1. Johnny Yeargin

Photo: AlbemarleHistory.org
Legend has it that Johnny became a recluse after someone put a handkerchief on him during a tavern dance. Truly a mortifying endeavor.

2. John Singleton Mosby

You may know him better as the “Gray Ghost”. Before The Civil War, Mosby was arrested for “unlawful shooting”. During his sentence he studied law under the tutelage of the very man who prosecuted him.

3. Mayor Samuel McCue

Photo: oysterranch.blogspot.com
Mayor Samuel McCue was convicted of murdering his wife and publicly hanged. Paul Jones later proved that Mayor McCue was not the murder, but his mistress is most likely to have done it in The Hanging of Mayor McCue.


4. Jack Jouett

Jack Jouett is known as the “Paul Revere of The South.” He rode to warn Thomas Jefferson and the VA legislature of British troops headed their way. Once he arrived, Thomas Jefferson promptly spent two hours getting together some papers before escaping just before the British arrived. Talk about suspense!

5. Madame Marguerite

Madame Marguerite ran a “bawdy house” at 303 5th St. When it was eventually demolished a stash of treasure was discovered.

6. Nancy West

Photo:Virginia National Bank
Nancy West was a free black woman who was the wealthiest non-white citizen of CVille. She owned the building that is now the Virginia National Bank on the mall. Her daughter married the son of Sally Hemings.

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