6 RVA Breweries You Must Try


1. Strangeways Brewing


2277 Dabney Rd, Richmond, VA 23230
Website | Facebook | Twitter

In search of something out of the ordinary? So are they. That’s why they spend their days toiling away, creating exquisitely peculiar concoctions to satisfy the most curious of cravings, persnickety of palates and inquisitive of individuals. That said, they strongly encourage you to do two things: Think Strange. Drink Strange.

2. Center of the Universe Brewing Company


11293 Air Park Rd, Ashland, VA 23005
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The meaning of “Center of the Universe” is important to the founders of COTU. With so much emphasis today on globalization and the lack of corporate stewardship, COTU wanted to be a company that truly embraces the local community. “Center of the Universe,” to COTU, is taking pride in where you live and respecting the people with whom you interact. They believe it is their responsibility to understand and appreciate how our actions affect the community that supports us.

At Center of the Universe Brewing Company it all revolves around the beer and the people who enjoy it.

3. Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

Events at Hardywood

2408 Ownby Ln, Richmond, VA 23220
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Hardywood Park Craft Brewery is a production brewery, which features a tasting room and offers frequent food trucks, live music, special beer releases, cask ale, exciting gourmet flavor infusions through a Randall and occasional festivals. Hardywood also serves as a host to several private and semi-private events.

4. Midnight Brewery


2410 Granite Ridge Rd, Rockville, VA 23146
Website | Facebook

Midnight Brewery is Metro Richmond’s newest micro brewery, located in Rockville, VA (just minutes from Short Pump). They are extremely creative with their work and brew several limited edition beers. So stop in frequently; you never know what will be on tap.

5. Brass Cannon Brewing

brass cannon

8105 Richmond Rd #105 Toano, VA 23168
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Founded by enthusiastic homebrewers, Brass Cannon Brewing is a new brewery dedicated to the production of high quality brews for sale on tap. They currently offer 5 quality brews at their tap room in Toano, VA.

6. Legend Brewing Co.

Legend Outside 1

321 W 7th St, Richmond, VA 23224
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Central Virginia’s oldest and largest microbrewery, has been providing true premium beers to restaurants, pubs and retailers in Virginia since January 1994.

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